Say Good-Bye To Intern Lauren

* Intern Lauren has been fired from Wonkette after telling her bosses she secretly worked for, and at times helped run, the escort service allegedly run by the DC Madam. Keep up with Intern Lauren's blog for really good To Do lists. [Lorna Sore]

* DC has highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country. [District Matters]

* DC is a place where a website redesigns itself (oh, hi there B&W drawing of woman in upper left corner) and they have a party to celebrate their new web design and that party had lots of bands playing and is considered by some to be a very big deal. [BYT]

* Video of Representative Tom Davis from Fairfax on the Colbert Report. [Andyland]

* The Capitol Hill Community Foundation has gotten around $100,000 in donations to find a temporary Eastern Market. [Inside the DC Bubble]


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