Scandal Rocks DC Restaurant World: Hooters Not That Good

The Express' Michael Grass took an "ironic" trip to DC institution Hooters, and what he found there shocked and horrified him.

* An entree arrived before the appetizer.

* The Buffalo platter was "lukewarm."

* Frying onions for a hamburger was deemed impossible.

* The server was easily confused.

A former HOOTER GIRL leaves an apologetic comment:

My sincere apology for your un-pleasant dining experience at Hooters this weekend. Being a former HOOTER GIRL I can say the kitchen can be a bit frustrating on a busy night full of hungry patrons; trying to keep up appearance is tough when you can see the frustration in the eyes of your guests. All I can say is I guess you atleast had a pleasant and patient HOOTER GIRL who obviously knew her job well enough to have kept you there for TWO-HOURS.

All of DC is on fire, upstanding citizens across the District are being publicly shamed for enjoying the occasional company of an experienced professional, and now Hooters is falling apart. What is wrong with Washington?

DC Diary: Going Hungry at Hooters [Free Ride]


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