Scandinavians Tax Everything That's Fun, Even Finger-Banging


  • Virginia used to have a neat logo featuring a Roman goddess-warrior and her exposed nipple. Thanks to some Ashcroftesque re-branding, this perverted wardrobe malfunction exists no more. [Think Progress]

  • Woah, Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein went to a decadent White House staff party! (Apparently all the babes wanted a picture of Ezra, while poor Matt brooded in the corner and waterboarded himself with flirtinis.) [Matt Yglesias]

  • Even Mexico racially profiles Mexicans -- so why all the fuss over Arizona's new Mexican profiling? [RedState]

  • Close your eyes and think of something that is great. Are you thinking of grain alcohol perhaps? Or a carton of rat poison cigarettes? In America these items are practically free and also tax-deductible. In Socialist Norway it's quite another story! [Hit & Run]

  • The Bush Administration didn't mean to break the world's economy. It was an accident. Stop mocking Trig. [Salon/Alex Pareene!]
  • A Blogginghead in Gaza said mean stuff about Israel, but does Israel have enough white phosphorous to shut him up/melt him? Time will tell. [The Daily Dish]


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