Tucker Carlson JUST ASKING Why Stacey Abrams Wants To Enslave All The White Men?

Post-Racial America
Tucker Carlson JUST ASKING Why Stacey Abrams Wants To Enslave All The White Men?

Tucker Carlson has a problem with the kickass inspirational speech Stacey Abrams gave on Tuesday. This is not a surprise. Carlson is a gross bigot and he's afraid of black women who don't wear bandanas and run screaming from cartoon mice.

Non-awful people considered the speech fairly unobjectionable. Even conservative Tom Nichols faintly praised it as "pretty good" if "not great." Jennifer Rubin was more enthusiastic, calling Abrams's State of the Union response the most successful one in recent memory. Sister from a conservative mother Tara Setmayer also gave Abrams a shout out.

They apparently weren't watching through the They Live glasses Carlson constantly wears. He saw the awful truth: When Abrams spoke of Americans joining together for a "renewed commitment to social and economic justice," what she was actually doing was calling for the overthrow of the US government and the enslavement of white men. We kind of think that if Abrams had gone full Handdude's Tale, the networks would've quickly cut to a "Mama's Family" rerun. Maybe Carlson should get those glasses fixed.

CARLSON: Unity is definitely not what Stacey Abrams is interested in — just the opposite. What she's selling is bitter division.

Amazingly, Carlson has somehow confused Abrams with his Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham. This seems absurd, but people like Carlson define "unity" as the "inferior" class subordinating itself to the ruling class. Abrams definitely isn't interested in that kind of unity. Her "radical" goal is for all Americans to share ownership of the country. Every citizen should have a vote and a say in our putative democracy. This terrifies Carlson, who considers ending white male dominance as essentially white male genocide. If white men don't have all the power, they're useless -- just some losers in bow ties and the occasional ceremonial blackface.

Carlson was especially freaked out by Abrams's recent article, "Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy," in which she said:

ABRAMS: The marginalized did not create identity politics: their identities have been forced on them by dominant groups, and politics is the most effective method of revolt.

This is an observation with historical precedent. The British treated the American colonists like second-class citizens, which hastened the revolution that would lead to the founding of the United States. However, the black lady said "revolt" and that caused Carlson to go hide under his bed.

CARLSON: The dominant are everyone who is left, so do the subtraction. That's only one group. You know exactly who they are and so does Stacey Abrams. She says these people, these unnamed people, are responsible for the suffering of everyone else, and we need to overthrow them. She uses the language of violence and war to describe what must come next. ... People get hurt in revolts. That's the nature of revolts. Stacey Abrams knows that. She wants one anyway, she doesn't hide it.

Abrams never mentions "white men" in her article, so it's telling that Carlson basically concedes white men are the country's "dominant" group. Sorry, Clarence Thomas, you still have to use the service elevator at the Ruling America club. Bernie Sanders has most recently used the term "revolution" and no one claims he's speaking the "language of violence" or calling for armed revolt.

Black people who speak nice have historically called for peaceful means for improving our lot. After four centuries of not killing your asses, we think we've earned the benefit of the doubt and the metaphor. The battles we've fought for civil rights have been peaceful ... at least on our side. It was folks like Carlson who were spraying us with hoses and siccing dogs on us. The most recent white people's revolution was the not-so Civil War, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 620,000 people.

Carlson fears Abrams wants to convince people to "hate their neighbors for the color of their skin." This is hilarious because it's highly likely most everyone in Carlson's neighborhood has the same skin color and the few who don't get hassled a lot when walking around late at night. He argues that Abrams and other Democrats seek "unity" solely by creating a "common enemy." Racist trash Ann Coulter made a similar point last year: What else do all these different groups have in common if not hatred of white people? That's a characteristic of a fascist movement, and it's the ultimate in projection for Carlson to associate it with Democrats. Has he never seen a Trump rally?

Carlson can twist Abrams's words all he wants. It won't work. Cherishing American diversity and inclusivity is more patriotic than the empty nationalism and racial fear that Trump and Carlson promote.

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