Schumer Positive That Everyone Agrees With Him

Chuck Schumer is very confident about his No Confidence bill.

Schumer said that six Republican senators had called for Gonzales' resignation, and 'about a dozen' additional Republicans had said 'very negative things' about the Attorney General, proving that the no confidence motion would be able to clear a filibuster.

Yeah, he totally heard Bob Corker call Gonzales a "jerk" at lunch the other day. Though he also could've been ordering lunch, he loves that Jamaican barbecue place. Anyway, Kay Bailey Hutchinson wants Gonzo to resign. She didn't say anything but she definitely rolled her eyes last time he said "hi" to her.

So bring on the totally symbolic vote! The president is always looking for more chances to reaffirm his confidence in the stupid prick.

Bush Backs Gonzales in Face of No-Confidence Vote [NYT]

Senators introduce no-confidence motion; Schumer says 'no fall guys' for Gonzales [Raw Story]


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