Scooter Libby and the Other Apprentice

the_other_apprenticeIs there anyone in Cheney's inner circle who hasn't written a spank book? There's the "Cinemax After Dark"-meets-"Little House on the Prairie" softcore of Ms. Cheney's Sisters. And now we are reminded by the Woodward book (Path to War, you may recall seeing something about it) that Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby has poured forth a warm spring of erotic fiction as well. Woodward spins thusly:

    Unlike his bosses, Libby had graduated magna cum laude. He had written a little noticed novel in 1996, The Apprentice, an adventure tale with some erotic themes set in early-20th-century Japan.
Nicely put. According to Woodward, Libby also has "careful penmanship." That's the word around the Senate gym, anyway. And Woodward's not the only fan -- put your faith in the experts at Amazon, who say, "Libby's story builds and builds and builds until it reaches a crescendo of sexual and political tension." Pant, pant. We can't wait for June 30, either!

Of course, some people don't go in for that kind of thing, but these reviews are tantalizing if not positive:

    Sometimes it was just painful, physically painful, to read. It all started with the extremely bizarre sexual situations. I still shudder to think about some of the stuff described in that book. . .
Yowza! All that for a starting price of only $0.25! A real steal compared to Sisters, which just sold for $570 on eBay. Of course, some of the pages are stuck together. . .

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