Scott Brown's 'Strong-Willed' Women Have Taught Him Many Things About Household Chores


Abdominal hero Scott Brown, who is fighting the good fight against a Democratic woman in Massachusetts over who is nicer to women, is now getting support from an unlikely ally, outgoing existential philosopher Olympia Snowe, who says that Brown is great and stuff. Brown knows how to balance on the slippery balance beam of centrism, apparently, and that is good enough for Olympia. Because she is a woman and likes him, he must be friendly towards women. But someone who supported the recently offed Blunt amendment, which "would have let employers or health insurers deny coverage for services they say violate their moral or religious beliefs, including birth control"? That is a woman fan? Hmm.

Elizabeth Warren's response to the Blunt amendment, which ultimately failed, was that it "threatens women's access to contraception, mammograms, even maternity care. It's just plain wrong." Olympia Snowe, who basically agreed with Warren, doesn't care about that and still loves Scott's firm torso, and says he is a "rarity" and "doesn't pay lip service to bipartisanship."

Brown's response to Warren's threats is that, well, but, he supports the Violence Against Women Act, BECAUSE WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULDN'T, LOOK AT THE NAME. But oh, ha, it turns out lots of people don't like that act, especially in its most recent form, because it also supports serious consequences for violence against gay and transgendered people and illegal immigrants. Violence against those people should be legal, for such obvious reasons.

Democrats then responded to Brown by saying that Brown's only saying he supports VAWA because it looks good on his résumé.

Brown responded that actually no, his mother was abused by a bunch of assholes when he was growing up, so be quiet.

Let us now turn to Scott Brown's wife, Gail Huff, to find out how much Scott Brown actually likes women besides his mother.

Huff, introducing Brown at a strategic press conference the other day, says she wasn't involved with Brown's 2010 campaign because she had a JOB (she was a TV reporter), but now she quit the job to show people how much she likes her man. But that doesn't mean she isn't a firecracker, still, when it comes to conversation. Says AP:

Brown said he's used to being surrounded by "strong-willed women" and Huff said the family, including Brown and the couple's two daughters Ayla and Arianna, have open discussions around the kitchen table.

"Open discussions." Scandalous. Says Huff:

The girls, now that they are 23 and 21, have very, very specific ideas about what they do and don't believe and they chime in with a lot of great ideas, and it's wonderful for both of us to be able to bounce things off of them because their generation sees things very differently.

Translation: the Brown family has heated food fights about how 3/4 of them plan to vote for Elizabeth Warren in November.

When asked to elaborate on the "lot of great ideas" and "wonderful" bouncing of "things," Huff "declined to be more specific." So the reporter asked, Well, what have you and you daughters taught Mr. Brown about the world?

How to cook. Yeah, how to cook, how to sew, how to clean.

: ) !!!! [AP via Fark]


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