Scott Brown Will Debate Elizabeth Warren, But There Better Be Some Goddamn Perrier In the Green Room


David Denby will be furious over this pictureThe Queen Mum of Massachusetts, Vicki Kennedy, has invited Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren to a senatorial debate at the Kennedy Institute in Boston, sponsored by MSNBC. Scott Brown thought about it a little before responding to ol' Vick's pleasantries with a rider: He'll do it, but only if (a) no MSNBC cameras are within 1,000 miles of Boston and (b) Vicki Kennedy doesn't make an endorsement, because she'd definitely endorse Elizabeth Warren, giving her a marginal short-term boost in the polls!

The first condition about MSNBC... well, some people (on "the Internet left") have been making fun of Brown for this. It seems like a quite reasonable demand on his part though! Sure, the moderator would be Tom Brokaw, the fairest princess of them all, but the pre- and post-debate commentary would be held down by a panel of MSNBC television hosts who spend six primetime hours each night begging for Scott Brown to lose or at least get hit by a car. Scott Brown would be a fool to walk into the MSNBC-sponsored debate just as Elizabeth Warren would be to walk into a Fox News-sponsored debate. Wolf Blitzer is the funniest debate moderator, anyway, and he'd have no problem fitting this debate into the 20 hours per day that his show airs on CNN.

It just seems like so very resolvable.

But then, this!

For starters, Kennedy has to pledge to remain neutral for remainder of the contentious Senate race for the seat held by her husband from 1962 until his death from brain cancer in 2009. While it is not entirely clear what this condition involves, an endorsement of a particular candidate would almost certainly be out of bounds.

No Vicki Kennedy endorsement (or "stay neutral pledge" whatever) before the debate that Vicki Kennedy is hosting would make sense. For the remainder of the race though -- ha ha ha! What's that? What is that? Have a little confidence, Scott Brown. What if your debate performance is so superior to Elizabeth Warren's that Vicki Kennedy wants to endorse you? That marginal short-term boost in the polls could be yours.

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