Scott McClellan Gets No Respect

He Gets Lied To Then He CriedPRWeek recently surveyed some reporters and public affairs specialists in an attempt to help White House spokesman Scott McClellan out of his credibility hole. One excellent piece of advice: "[When reporters] come up to him after a press briefing, pat him on the back, and say, 'Hey Scott,' they do that because they still need him. He should not mistake that for respect."

The top ten other things that Scott should not mistake for respect:

10. Relatively low volume of toilet paper thrown at him during gaggle

9. Getting cab fare home

8. Making "bunny ears" behind his head during group photo

7. When he says he'll call and then he doesn't for days but then he does

6. UPI reporter no longer doodles "Mrs. Helen Fleischer" on her notebook.

5. Swirlies much more brief, not as frequent.

4. "Left-handed stapler" apparently found

3. Reporters only want to meet him when they're out with other reporters, never alone with Scott

2. Finally beat out Ziegler on Most Despicable Flack list!

1. Karl lying to you

Credibility lapse threatens job security for McClellan [PRWeek]


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