Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Bill Will Save Wisconsin Zero Dollars

  • Remorseless gasbag Scott Walker visited our nation's swamp capital yesterday, and somehow found time to testify in front of Congress and strip the cherry blossoms of their collective blossoming rights. As expected, Walker wowed the crowd with all his fancy Koch-ing points, bragging that Wisconsin's "collective bargaining reforms save local governments more than $700 million each year." Hey bro, Dennis Kucinich has a quick question for you: how much actual "money" will Wisconsin save by stripping government workers of their collective bargaining rights? Jesus, take the wheel! "That particular part doesn't save any," Walker replied, not caring at all that he claimed the exact opposite only a few minutes earlier. Facts are stupid things. [ThinkProgress]
  • At least two people were killed by a violent tornado-storm that swept through Oklahoma and Arkansas this morning. The storm is now heading towards northern Mississippi and Alabama, and could possibly cross into central Tennessee. Please stay safe, everyone! [NPR]

  • The British government says it will stop exports to the United States of three drugs used in lethal injections, probably because British people know that we inhumanely execute innocent people every day! [Business Week]


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