Scott Walker Pays $81.5K Gov't Salary to Drunk-Driving Loser Son of Crony

When your corporation needs to take care of some troublesome "environmental and regulatory matters" in Wisconsin, heh heh, just go see the dumb kid who never graduated college but did manage two DUI convictions, because that dumb kid isearning $81,5000 a year as one of Governor Scott Walker's top-paid people in the administration. But how did this young GOP idiot, Brian Deschane, get such a sweet job suckling on the public teat? Easy! According to the Journal Sentinel's Daniel Bice, Brian Deschane's father is "Jerry Deschane, executive vice president and longtime lobbyist for the Madison-based Wisconsin Builders Association, which bet big on Walker during last year's governor's race." Haha, now that's the kind of contribution that really pays off!

Imagine you're Jerry Deschane, a Republican lobbyist for the crooked home-construction industry. You need to smooth the way for your clients' pillage, and you would also like to get your ne'er-do-well failure of a son out of the house. He couldn't even finish college!

And how drunk was this kid, Brian Deschane, to get two DUI convictions when his dad is a Republican lobbyist who hobnobs with the likes of Scott Walker?

What was it that made Brian such an attractive candidate? Was it the lack of a resume, or was it the drunk driving? Did Walker think the environment needed a fun spoiled-brat friend who knows how to party?

"It doesn't look like he's ever had a real job," Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) said.

Hulsey noted that the recently approved law that made collective bargaining changes converts 37 top agency attorneys, communications officials and legislative liaisons from civil service positions to jobs appointed by the governor.

"This is an example of the quality of candidates you're going to get," said Hulsey

Anyway, Scott Walker is all about JOBS, especially (specifically) if you give Scott Walker's campaign a couple of sacks of money. Because Scott Walker will make that money go to work for you, if you are the person who paid the money to Scott Walker. Jerry Deschane of the Wisconsin Builders Association got Maximum Value out of the $121,652 he handed to Scott Walker: Not only does the Wisconsin Builders Association now have somebody on the payroll in charge of "environmental and regulatory matters," but that same drunken failure kid is also earning $81,500 from Wisconsin taxpayers. Score! [JS Online]


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