Wisconsin's latest craze in televised bloodsport (hey, just in time to fill the void left by the Packers' playoff loss!) is a hawt new web show with just a single overhead camera starring the dozen or so people that the Government Accountability Board locks into a secret room at an undisclosed location in Madison each day to verify 1.9 million recall petition signatures one piece of paper, one line at a time. Tens of thousands of viewers have already been sucked in by the phenomenon and are tuning in to watch, rapt, as the painstaking process of ruining Scott Walker's life slowly unfolds. Don't let the fact that there's no audio bother you, even -- Twitter has made its own soundtrack and character names for the mystery workers!

Basically it's Mad Men but with more civics:

And people can't get enough of it! From AP:

Board spokesman Reid Magney, who has made cameo appearances on the cam, said at its busiest when it went online Wednesday around 400 people at the same time were watching it. By Thursday afternoon, after the tantalizing angle change, the webcam had logged 29,308 total visitors. The webcam is a first for [the Government Accountability Board] and is being provided free of charge to taxpayers by 5Nines.com of Madison, Magney said.

Magney, who acknowledged that watching the cam is as exciting as watching paint dry, was somewhat at a loss about its allure.

“People are interested in watching people do things, I guess,” he said.

Oh bless this fellow Magney, that is in fact what all television is about, but this is the only television where you get to watch the bricks going up one by one around Scott Walker's reign of union-busting terror like the Cask of Amontillado. On Wisconsin! [AP via Wonkette operative "Monsieur Grumpe"]


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