Scott Walker's Favorite Queer-Hatin' Judge Will Hate Queers On Wisconsin Supreme Court


[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Failed presidential candidate Scott Walker had a GREAT night in Wisconsin last night! First of all, his new BFF Ted Cruz won the Republican primary. But EVEN BETTER, remember how we told you about Rebecca Bradley, the judge Walker loves so much he's appointed her THREE TIMES now? The one who wrote this in college?

[H]omosexuals and drug addicts ... essentially kill themselves and others through their own behavior deservedly receive none of my sympathy.

She was elected to a full 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, because YAY and OBVIOUSLY and why wouldn't Wisconsin voters want a lady who once wrote things like that in college?

Bradley had the full support of the conservative movement behind her. She has risen through the ranks during Walker’s tenure with the support of groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth. The governor first named her to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in 2012, and then he elevated her to Wisconsin Court of Appeals in May 2015. In October, when a vacancy arose on the state Supreme Court, Walker again gave her a plum appointment.

How nice. And to be fair, Bradley did say she was very sorry for being so awful back in the day, assuring everyone that she's SO not like that anymore, and she even said if some of those queerboners who deserve none of her sympathy wanted her to do their gay wedding, she would perform it.

But also to be fair, she's an insane Federalist Society lady, and there's that whole thing about Scott Walker LOVING HER SO MUCH, so we can be pretty sure she sucks.

We told you in March SOME of the fun things Judge Bradley said about the gayqueersexuals in her columns, written while she was at Marquette. Want more? Here's what she wrote about 'bortion:

Writing for the Marquette Tribune in 1992, Bradley equated abortion to "a time in history when Jews were treated as non-humans and tortured and murdered," and "a time in history when blacks were treated as something less than human." Bradley also compared the "handful of deaths" of pregnant women while abortion was still prohibited to the lives of "millions of babies that are murdered every year at the hands of abortionists."

Where does any difference lie between mutilating a baby in the womb (a legal act) and murdering one's child outside of the womb (an obviously illegal act)?

Gah, don't you just want to hug her and have her read you bedtime stories about the the Little Abortion Holocaust That Could?

Here's another one, a riff on the classic we quoted at the top:

Perhaps AIDS awareness should seek to educate us with their misdirected compassion for the degenerates who basically commit suicide through their behavior.

But remember, you guys, she is sorry for saying all these things.

Hillary Clinton spoke out against Bradley Saturday night, in advance of Tuesday night's primary:

“There is no place on any Supreme Court or any court in this country, no place at all for Rebecca Bradley’s decades-long track record of dangerous rhetoric against women, survivors of sexual assault and the LGBT community."

But we guess enough people in Wisconsin were feeling that sexy, sultry CruzMentum, so congratulations, Judge Bradley, we guess. Oh, and congratulations, Wisconsin, you get to have this lady for 10 WHOLE YEARS!

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