Scottish Terriers Are The Tea Party Candidates Of The Westminster Dog Show

  • Administration attack dog Joe Biden defended the stimulus package, observing that it had saved perhaps two million jobs, which is to say, many many fewer jobs than have been lost. [AP]
  • The Pakistani press responded to the capture of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar with a collective "uh let's quietly run a recap of the NYT story and pretend this didn't happen." [BBC News]
  • It is theoretically possible that Republicans could regain control of the Senate in 2010, but this would require a near-perfect alignment of the stars and the spontaneous generation of a half-dozen more Naked Scott Browns. [New York Times]
  • Speaking of, who will be the next Republican to humiliate former "lion of the Senate" Barack Obama, who is now rolling in his grave as the GOP clamors to replace him with some angry wingnut? [AP]
  • Toyota, maker of magically accelerating cars, has decided to form some sort of "quality control" thingy. [MarketWatch]
  • A sassy Scottish terrier named Sadie is America's next top model. [ABC News]

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