SCOTUS Among Us: A Supreme Round-up

Ann Althouse notes that in choosing a nominee, "The temptation to yield to the embrace of Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy will be quite strong." Mmmmm.... [Althouse]

Did you hear the one about how "Gonzales is Spanish for 'Souter'?" Did you? Oh, you did. [The Corner]

O'Connor: Swell host, if you like killing animals. "We had a small salad and then the main course, an enormous piece of salmon. I have been a strict vegetarian for over 30 years, but it was just the three of us, in her kitchen, and she was the cook. I ate every bit of it." [The Patry Copyright Blog via UTR]

Scalia's statement on O'Connor notes she "has established - to the point where it now goes almost without notice - the role of her sex in the administration of justice." If her sex is administering justice, surely someone would notice. [AP also via UTR]

Oh and btw, don't take today's relative reticence on the future of the Supreme Court as disinterest. On the contrary, we're looking forward to this battle almost as much as the people who are getting paid to fight in it. "Highly charged political debate" + "bloggers" + "off election year" = Many more people than usual making fools of themselves. It's like an election year, but without so much John Kerry. So, really, it's better.


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