Screeching New Jersey Fat Man Snags Five Million YouTube Hits

Screeching New Jersey Fat Man Snags Five Million YouTube Hits

Have you seen those comical YouTubes of the fat man in New Jersey berating people, on YouTube? They're gold. Usually they've got a teacher, a unionized teacher, and this teacher asks the fat man a question and the fat man goes, "DIE YOU AWFUL TEACHER, DIE NOW, DIE DIE DIE," and the teacher's all like, "Uh..." Love this fat guy on YouTube; can't get enough of it.And now this "fat man screaming at teachers" guy's racked up 5 million YouTube hits. "Hit 5 million views on YouTube!" he tweeted today, on Twitter. "What better way to celebrate than to take a look back to see how we got here." What a day.

This man "should be President of America":

But as notes, New Jersey Fat Man Hollerin' At Folks getting five million views for all of his videos isn't really that much:

Christie, however, is not the biggest YouTube celebrity out there. The video for Justin Bieber’s “Baby” clocks in at number one, with 755 million views.

And a video of a cat riding a Roomba — a disc-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner — still has 2.4 million more hits than all of Christie’s videos combined.

It's time for the fat man to set his sights on higher vistas:

  • Fat New Jersey Man Rides a Roomba
  • Famous New Jersey Fat Man Molests/Eats Justin Bieber
  • The Fat Man Who Yells At Teachers Sits On a Cat And Kills The Cat Because He's So Fucking Fat

And so forth.



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