Screw Sports, Let's All Watch Some 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?' Sequels On YouTube!

Screw Sports, Let's All Watch Some 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?' Sequels On YouTube!

So! There is apparently some kind of sports thing on the television today, if you hadn't heard. I don't plan on watching it, on account of how I don't care. The downside to not caring about the Super Bowl, of course, is that it makes today a very boring day. Everyone you know is probably watching the Super Bowl today, and all of the bars that you might normally go to are also showing the Super Bowl today.


Still, it's nice to have a little me time to just chill and maybe watch some crap on television and give yourself a manicure or do some knitting or whatever. Unless you're a man, in which case you can only get a menicure.

What am I going to do today? Well, I'm going to fix the hologram manicure I gave myself yesterday that I have already messed up, and watch some of the many, many sequels to Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? on the YouTubes. You thought it was just Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte? Oh no. It does not. There are three more (sort of!), and two of them star Shelley Winters. What a beautiful gift to us all! Even better, they are all available on YouTube, for free.

First up, we have What's The Matter With Helen? starring Debbie Reynolds and Shelley Winters, as two mothers who move to Hollywood in order to reinvent their lives after their sons go to jail for some Leopold and Loeb-type murders. Debbie Reynolds tap dances a lot and Shelley Winters goes absolutely batshit, making this pretty much a perfect movie. i don't know why it's not more famous!

Helen was written by Henry Farrell, who also wrote Baby Jane and Charlotte, and directed by Curtis Harrington, who would go on to direct all of the other spiritual sequels.

Next, we have "How Awful About Allan" — another Farrell/Harrington collaboration, this time a TV movie starring Anthony Perkins as a damaged fella suffering from psychosomatic violence and returning from a mental institution.

And finally, we have Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?, the other Shelley Winters banger. Grand dame guignol Shelley Winters is the best of all possible Shelley, and we do not talk about this enough. Yes, Bette Davis was the queen, but Shelley Winters going batshit in TV movies of the 1970s is my everything.

This one Harrington did without Farrell, and it's sort of more of a very demented Little Red Riding Hood, in that Winters operates an orphanage called "The Gingerbread House" and keeps her dead and mummified daughter in the attic.

Such a jam!

Anyway, hope you enjoy these movies, even if you don't watch them today. If you're watching your sports, enjoy that too! Or, if you just want to hang out in the comments all day, have at, because this is now your open thread!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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