Screw the Cherry Blossoms, Here's the Pillow Fight

Screw the Cherry Blossoms, Here's the Pillow Fight

There were a LOT of things happening on our National Mall this weekend, most of which involved masses of people erratically circling trees or hot dog stands or monuments, pausing briefly to bump into you, and then moving on to annoy someone else. As frustrating as it was trying to beat even a moderately direct path through this nonsense, it was kind of worth it to see a bunch of weird hipsters whip out their pillows and start pummeling each other.

So here it is, the results of a little Facebook planning and a collective desire to confuse already-befuddled tourists. Sadly, the tourists seemed completely unfazed by the whole endeavor -- they've probably witnessed much stranger stuff in whatever meth-addled town they've just escaped. Or maybe they just gaze at public displays of pillow fighting with the exact same blank expression they use to stare at trees growing in the dirt.

Tourist reaction aside, as a way to release latent anger by safely beating the crap out of strangers, it seemed pretty effective -- everyone involved in the actual pillow fighting seemed to be enjoying it immensely. The organizers of the event, the DC Defenestrators, will likely be coordinating other public displays of nonsense in the future, so go join their coterie of merry pranksters if that's your thing.



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