Sean Hannity Becomes A Hundred-Millionaire!

Thatjabbering nitwit on Fox just signed a $100 million, five-year deal that will distribute his radio show through Citadel and Clear Channel networks. It's significantly less than Rush Limbaugh's recent $400 million, eight-year contract -- but still, nothing to sneeze at. So what might Sean Hannity spend his truckloads of cash on?

  • New ball gag and harness for Colmes
  • An eight ball, a 60-pack of Hot Cheetos, and the collected straight-to-video works of Shannon Tweed
  • Weekly fumigations of Fox News headquarters
  • An organic farm in the Berkshires
  • A subscription to the Wall Street Journal for every Wonkette reader so that we could send you to the original article, which is behind a paywall

And here is a video of Sean Hannity getting chased around New Hampshire by a mob of angry Paultards.

[youtube expand=1]

WSJ: Hannity inks $100 million deal


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