Sean Hannity Cannot Believe Michelle Obama Would Be So Crass As To Bring Up Trump's Birtherism.

Sean Hannity Cannot Believe Michelle Obama Would Be So Crass As To Bring Up Trump's Birtherism.

Yesterday, it was revealed that in Michelle Obama's forthcoming memoir she states that she will never forgive Donald Trump for his ridiculous birtherism conspiracy shit. While that might seem like the mildest of all possible "mean" things one could say about Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and his guests were simply aghast during his show last night at how she could put forth such divisive rhetoric instead of "going high" and just letting it go. As we all know, the cruelest thing one can do to a Republican is to simply... mention that they said something messed up, or to repeat their words back to them verbatim.

Fox News lady Tammy Bruce, responding to the comment, actually had the chutzpah to say "Considering the environment that we've got, right, you would think that she would maybe, uh, think twice about the nature of that kind of rhetoric." No, really, she said that. Out loud.

She then said that she was pretty sure Michelle Obama was mad at the wrong person because supposedly Sidney Blumenthal "came up with it first" which is apparently their big excuse now for why Trump yelled about it for years and also claimed to have multiple sources ready to prove President Obama's birth certificate was a fake. She then congratulated Trump on his response, in which he attacked President Obama for not spending enough money on the military, which she says was good because it wasn't a "personal attack." Because he's classy like that and does not personally attack people.

Bruce also noted that President Obama once said that Trump's rhetoric was a great ISIS recruiting tool... WITHOUT EVEN CONSIDERING THE IMPACT THAT MIGHT HAVE ON BARRON TRUMP.

The program then went on a whirlwind tour of things Michelle Obama said that they did not like and also repeatedly pushed the lie that poverty increased by "7 million" under the Obama presidency. Which, you know, it didn't. One of those things was the time that she said, in 2008, that "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback." Hannity then listed all the things that had made him proud of his country, nearly all of which were WWII related (which -- unless she is a vampire -- did not occur during Michelle Obama's adult life), and then finally gave contributor Deneen Borrelli, a black woman, a moment to speak so that she could say that she, too, was also always proud of America.

Now, just take a moment and consider the amount of times Donald Trump has personally insulted people this week alone. Hell! Consider the amount of times he has personally insulted black women, this week alone! Think about the fact that last night, instead of offering condolences to those in California who lost loved ones, who lost their homes during the Woolsey Fire, he decided to yell about how "forest management" had failed... somehow, and how he was going to defund it.

The fire, by the way, was cause not by poor "forest management" but by drought. Which was caused by climate change, which Donald Trump doesn't believe in. He says stupid and cruel things like this ten times a day, but Michelle Obama is "going low" by not "forgiving" him for the stupid and cruel things he said about her husband? Sorry, but there is no world in which Donald Trump exists and that is going low.

But for the record, this is why the "they go low, we go high" thing is bullshit. Because it fails to account for the fact that there is no amount of "going high" that anyone could do that would count as such with these people. They have decided on their rules, and the rules are that they get to say repulsive and cruel and horrible and stupid things, and then everyone else pats them on the head and tells them that they are wonderful and special and good "Real Americans." There is no winning this "going high" game.

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