Sean Hannity Casually Suggests Truckers May Start Killing If They Don't Get Their Way

Sean Hannity Casually Suggests Truckers May Start Killing If They Don't Get Their Way

The gang at Fox News has been quite enamored with the Canadian trucker convoy. Why heck, Tucker Carlson described it as the "single most successful protest in a generation," although that seems untrue given that if it were true, they would have gotten what they wanted out of it, which they have yet to do.

Now, Sean Hannity is suggesting that if they don't get what they want, the truckers may have to start dropping some bodies — which would not be entirely out of the realm of possibilities given that long-haul trucking has long been a popular occupation for serial killers, like Truck Stop Killer Robert Ben Rhoades and Joe Methany, a cannibal who killed and ate at least two truck stop sex workers. (I know, I know, I'm trying to get off the copaganda, but it's a process)

Of course, Hannity was suggesting that they would start murdering Canadian government officials in more of a nice, wholesome, coup-ish, January 6, NRA-approved kind of way. Not that they would be eating people.

Via Media Matters:

Let's say that Trudeau gets his way, and he sends in the vaccination police and every trucker is vaccinated and every trucker gets a booster. Guess what? They can still get-- contract COVID-19. They can still transmit COVID-19. The mandates, in that sense, are pointless. If you're fully vaccinated, vaccinated and boostered, even have natural immunity, you can get COVID-19. That's Canada and the U.S. not following the science as they like to lecture us.

So, now there are pretty much two options on the table for Canada's government, with of course the advice of the tough Joe Biden who doesn't lift a finger to secure our southern border. Let the truckers make their own health decisions. Leave them alone and recognize that even fully vaccinated people with boosters can transmit COVID. Or send in the troops and arrest the truckers. It's a peaceful protest. You know it's going to happen -- all hell will break loose. That will be the government starting a fight. People may die.

There is, of course, a third option — they don't get to be truckers anymore. They have to figure out something new. Or they have to win enough money in an arm wrestling tournament to be independently wealthy for the rest of their days. That is a good option wherein no one dies — either from a coup or from COVID they got from a trucker.

[Media Matters]

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