Sean Hannity Shares Weird Fantasy Of A Gun-less Seth Meyers Experiencing A Home Invasion

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Sean Hannity Shares Weird Fantasy Of A Gun-less Seth Meyers Experiencing A Home Invasion

Sean Hannity is very mad at Seth Meyers.

Earlier this week, Meyers ran a segment about the way that Republicans had "responded" to the shooting in Boulder, in which he criticized Sean Hannity for the way he began a show by mentioning that there had been a mass shooting in Boulder and then weirdly pivoting to a detailed probe into what it means for America that Joe Biden tripped on some stairs.

GOP, Fox News Lie About Gun Control After Boulder, Atlanta Shootings: A Closer

That, I think we can all agree, is a strange transition. There's something a little cold about the idea of quickly flipping from mass murder to "Hey! This guy fell down some stairs! Can you believe it? He fell down some stairs!," and it's something most people would pick up on, naturally. People who weren't sociopaths, anyway.

On Friday night, Hannity sought his revenge, running his own segment titled "Seth Meyers Goes After Hannity for Accurately Covering Biden's Struggles And Dems' Far-Left Gun Agenda."

After opening up this segment with a diatribe that can be summed up as "saying horrible things about liberals and then being mad about the fact that liberal Seth Meyers called him a sociopath just for having a different opinion," Hannity launched into a whole rant about how horrible it is of Meyers to want to take guns away from the law-abiding, hardworking Americans who love them by enacting common sense gun control measures that are widely supported by a majority of the population.

Predictably, Hannity then pivoted into full-on "Won't you be sorry you don't have a gun when someone breaks into your house and the police don't come because you and your liberal friends defunded all of the police!" mode

Transcript via Media Matters:

What if, and I hope this never happens to anybody-- Unfortunately, there is evil in the world, really bad people in the world. God forbid if someone breaks into your home - I hope it never happens - or someone else's home and wants to bring harm to you and your loved ones, what are you want to do, Seth? And don't say you are going to call the police. Because guess what? It'll be too late. There's a lot of defunding of the police that you and your friends support.

Sure, he says he wouldn't want this to happen to anybody, but the little twinkle in his eye tells another story. Hannity can hardly contain his glee thinking of someone breaking into the home of Seth Meyers or some other liberal celebrity and murdering them, and him getting to go "See, and this never would have happened if only they had a gun."

This would, of course, be quite the gotcha if it guns kept in the home were not far more likely to be "involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense." Or if "defunding the police" meant anything close to what he appears to think it means.

Hannity then continued to ramble a bunch about Hollywood celebrities with armed guards being hypocrites (Meyers actually did not suggest that all guns be banned in all circumstances), and "far-left freaks" who want to get rid of the police and just leave all of these good, hard working Americans completely defenseless, and then got huffy again about being called a sociopath.

I would ask why it is okay for Sean Hannity to call people who simply have a different opinion than he does "far left freaks," but I think we know the answer to that.

Following all of this nonsense, Hannity — who now talks exactly like Donald Trump to the point that it's actually surreal — invited a few friends on to talk about how Seth Meyers has totally low ratings, probably because he says mean stuff about Sean Hannity.

Joe Concha of The Hill agreed with his premise, suggesting that ratings have gone down across the board since Trump left, and then criticized late night hosts for talking about the filibuster instead of playing Joe Biden falling on the stairs over and over again on a loop, which he claims is exactly what they would have done if they were not so incredibly biased. Unlike Sean Hannity.

[Media Matters]

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