Sean Spicer Knows Coretta Scott King And Jeff Sessions Would Be Total BFFs

Another day, another stupid thing out of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's mouth.

We have a lot of respect for [Coretta Scott King] and the sacrifices that she made, and the sacrifices that frankly she endured in her life. But I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Sen. Sessions then and now. His record on civil and voting rights, I think, is outstanding. And like ... the late Sen. Arlen Specter, I can only hope that if she was still with us today, that after getting to know him and to see his record and his commitment to voting and civil rights, that she would share the same view that Sen. Specter did, where he said, "although I voted against him, getting to know the man he is now, I regret that vote."

And I would hope that if she was still with us today, that she would share that sentiment.

Wow, that's a mighty big "hope" you got there, Spicy! And if we're so hopey changey about Coretta Scott King being so charmed by Jeff Sessions that she suddenly didn't care so much about racism anymore, then why did Turtledick McConnell feel the need to shut that lady Sen. Elizabeth Warren up when she was reading King's letter about how Sessions was such a freaking racist that he didn't deserve to be confirmed as a federal judge? (Back in the 1980s, the Republicans ultimately agreed and Sessions was denied that judgeship, because Republicans were so racially transcendent and #woke in the 1980s.)

Is it just a given that Coretta Scott King would change her mind and be super jazzed about the idea of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, if she were alive today (and doing tremendously great things, like Frederick Douglass)? Is that why we didn't need to read that letter on the Senate floor, because Mrs. King obviously would have become pals with the big racist?

Sean Spicer is a fucking idiot.

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Evan Hurst

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