Uh Oh, There's A New Disney Movie With Gayness In It. You Know What Happens Now.

Shit your pants everybody, shit everybody else's pants too!

Who Wants To Hear Ben Shapiro Say 'Beaver Nipples' HEY WAIT COME BACK!

Don't worry, it's not Wet Ass Beaver Nipples.

One Million Moms Saw Gays On Mattresses And Oh Boy Are They Mad

You know what gays do on mattresses. Mostly watch whatever show they're binging until they fall asleep. And MAN, it makes Jesus angry.

George Santos Confesses To Check-Kiting Charges, Won't Be Sent To Brazil

Maybe in another 15 years he'll pay back the guy whose dog he let die.

Good Lord, The One Million Moms Are Still So Mad At Cereal

Well, the One Million Moms who are all just one lady.


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