Betsy DeVos, GTFO

DeVos resigns in highly moving attempt at damage control.

Interior Sec Nominee Deb Haaland Says She LOVES BEARS Instead Of Wanting To Shoot Them, That Is NOT ALLOWED

GOP senators would prefer Betsy DeVos take over the Interior, probably.

Team Liz Warren Or Team Betsy DeVos? Gee, That's A Stumper!

If people have money, the economy does better. Wild, huh?

The Miseducation Of Betsy DeVos

It's Your Sunday Rundown!

They Made Their Large Age Gap Work! Tabs, Wed., July 14, 2021

She was 70 and he was 28 and definitely straight right? It's tabs!

GOP Not So Sure President Biden Has Mandate To Exist As A Democrat

How dare a duly elected president try to build roads!


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