Let's Read Devin Nunes's Latest Libelslander Complaint!

You can't sue people for reporting on what you do, Devin.

'Elp! 'Elp! Wonkette Being Sued By This 40-Millionaire!

Small favors, at least it's not Peter Thiel.

Whose House? Wonkagenda For Fri., Nov. 1, 2019

Nancy Pelosi starts a street fight, wingnuts go extra crazy, and a dog costume parade. Your morning news brief!

Who Put These Pubes All Over My First Amendment?

Remember when 'conservatives' hated 'frivolous lawsuits'?

Sorry I Freaked Out At You Guys Last Night

This post is staying here till I can't stomach it a second longer. Scroll down for new ones!

The Victim Card. Wonkagenda For Tues., Oct. 22, 2019

Another impeachment meltdown, DOD plans for Middle East shitstorm, and Russian trolls. Your morning news brief.

Coal CEO Don Blankenship Will Be A US Senator If It Kills Him. Or More Miners.

Sorest possible loser to challenge West Virginia's 'Sore Loser' law.

Don Blankenship Gets Mineshafted

Turns out Don's ship was shooting blanks.

Jailbird Don Blankenship Running Third-Party For Senate, Because What Are Laws?

Looks like we may have Don Blankenship to kick around some more.

Murdery GOP Senate Candidate Don Blankenship Thinks The Chinapeople Are The Issue

For a guy who doesn't talk about race at all, Don Blankenship sure sounds like a racist.

Don Blankenship Wouldn't Have To Hit You, Trump, If You Didn't Make Him So Mad

If Don Blankenship wins, Joe Manchin has a better chance to hold his Senate seat. If he loses, we may not have to hear about Don Blankenship for a while.

Trump Urges Voters To Reject Don Blankenship, Who's As Bad As That Alabama Loser He Backed

Donald Trump really can't stand this guy, unless of course he wins the West Virginia GOP primary.


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