Trump Doing All He Can To Help Make Stacey Abrams Georgia's Next Governor

Whiny baby Trump holds anti-Brian Kemp rally in Georgia this weekend.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A Bigoted POS, Part 6,325

She manages to be the worst person at a Donald Trump rally.

Ex-Sen. David Perdue Primarying GA Gov. Brian Kemp. It's Nasty, Brutish, And We Hope Lasts Forever!

Stacey Abrams will be over here when you gentlemen are done.

David Perdue Embraces Trump’s Big Lie That He Can Beat Stacey Abrams For Georgia Gov.

When Republicans fight themselves, the winner is the American public.

David Perdue Would Also Too Like Some Election Cops For Georgia

Gonna snort that Big Lie until the day they die.

Wrap Your Feet In Aluminum Foil And Pull Out The Toxins!, Tabs, Wed., Jan. 19, 2022

What are we mad about today? More like what aren't we mad about, right?

Art Deco Era Cylindrical Faux Wood Finish Bar! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 23, 2022


Marjorie Taylor Greene Gonna Blow Up Biden’s Socialist Agenda With GUNS, Not Votes, GUNS!

It's as if there are no actual consequences for GOP sedition.

Stop Having Uncomfortable Calls With Your Mechanic! Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 16, 2021

YOU stop having uncomfortable calls with my mechanic! Come read your tabs!


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