GA Gov Brian Kemp Has Lost His Damn Mind

We really needed Stacey Abrams to win this, didn’t we?

When Even Donald Trump Thinks You’re Stupid, You’re Probably GA Gov Brian Kemp

Trump keeps his social and political distance from Kemp’s reopening of Georgia businesses.

Ben Shapiro Thinks All Lives Matter Unless They Are Very Old

What did Shapiro’s grandmother ever do to him?

Dr. Deborah Birx Wins Susan Collins Award For Most Seriously Troubled During A Global Crisis

Is it safe? Sorry, Dr. Birx left the word ‘no’ in her other purse.

Oh Nikki Haley Wants To Be Trump's Veep So Baaaaaad

Maybe press secretary. Oh wait, he already has one of those.

Trump Will Vote By Mail. The Rest Of You People Can Vote By Dying.

Trump opposes safe, sensible vote-by-mail for all the wrong and obvious reasons.

GA Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumps All Her Stocks Like They’ve Got The Rona

Polls show Loeffler looking like another McLoser.

Erick Erickson Promotes Burning Cross, Should Definitely Keep Neighbors Away

Don’t pull this crap in Atlanta unless you want a fight.

Be Very, Very Quiet: Georgia Republican Paul Broun’s Hunting Black People

Broun hopes to ride Georgians' dystopian fears back to Congress.

BREAKING: Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer When Their Governors Don’t Try To Kill Them

Barely a quarter of voters polled want businesses to open prematurely and infect everyone with COVID-19.

Georgia Rep. Doug Collins Movin' On That Senate Race Like A Tick Hound In Heat

Come on Trump, you know you don't want to endorse a lady!

Stacey Abrams's Org Loses One 'Fair Fight' Against Voter Purge

But we're pretty sure they'll be back for a second round in state court.


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