Voter Suppression Fest 2020 Kicks Off In Georgia

This is (but shouldn’t be) America.

GA Gov Brian Kemp Has Lost His Damn Mind

We really needed Stacey Abrams to win this, didn’t we?

When Even Donald Trump Thinks You’re Stupid, You’re Probably GA Gov Brian Kemp

Trump keeps his social and political distance from Kemp’s reopening of Georgia businesses.

A Post About Coronavirus Mask Mandates Where The GOP Governor Of Alabama Isn't Even The Dumbest One

Actual former White House doctor Ronny Jackson is the dumbest one.

Kelly Loeffler Wants Atlanta Dream WNBA Team To Shut Up, Dribble, Maybe Tap Dance A Little

Whenever Loeffler speaks, she reminds voters how much she sucks.

Georgia Election F**kery: Cast Your Ballot, Win Coronavirus Prizes!

Uh, guys, it’s the bullet or the ballot. Not the ballot and COVID-19.

Ben Shapiro Thinks All Lives Matter Unless They Are Very Old

What did Shapiro’s grandmother ever do to him?

Dr. Deborah Birx Wins Susan Collins Award For Most Seriously Troubled During A Global Crisis

Is it safe? Sorry, Dr. Birx left the word ‘no’ in her other purse.

Is This Post About Sex? Or Is It About MADE YOU LOOK?

LOL suckers, it is about coronavirus.

Idiots Unmasked: Your Coronavirus Roundup

Hmmm, is any of this bad?

BREAKING: Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer When Their Governors Don’t Try To Kill Them

Barely a quarter of voters polled want businesses to open prematurely and infect everyone with COVID-19.


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