Secret Agent Gal Promotes Book, Smites Enemies


Hey, everybody, Valerie Plame Wilson wrote a book! We are not interested in helping you understand complex political sagas, but mainly aim to tell dick jokes and run funny pictures like the one above (in which Plame is about to use her CIA training to strangle Katie Couric). And we certainly aren't interested in reading any God-damned books. Nevertheless, we offer the following highlights from today's Valtrex coverage.

  • Katie Couric was mean to Val on 60 Minutes, implying that she should have known better than to let her husband write that op-ed piece! Meredith Viera, on the other hand, gave Val the opportunity to heroically oppose potential fuck-ups in Iran.
  • Val once had to bring her twin toddlers into work with her at the CIA. She's just like us! Except she has a cyanide capsule in one of her molars and can crush a man's larynx with one hand.
  • Cattiest review comment, from the WP: "There is no reason to doubt that Wilson wrote Fair Game herself. To put it kindly, the memoir lacks the sheen of a ghostwriter's work." Burn!
  • Val doesn't think George Bush is a very nice person.
  • Rush Limbaugh knows that the Plame brouhaha and the whole hootenanny about the little kid in Baltimore who wants SCHIP money are all part of the same big rambling insane web of Democrat LIES.
  • The New York Times says that Val's book won't change any minds, but will just reinforce what everyone already believes. This is completely unexpected and makes it totally different from every other book written on a vaguely political subject in the past fifteen years.
  • According to the VALTREX® home page, "Living with genital herpes can be a hassle." Who knew?

Oh, also, Val has a blog of her own now! I'm looking forward to her and Chertoff leaving nasty comments on each other's posts for the next six months or so.

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