Secret Obama Plan: Let Exotic Hawaii Control ALL WASHINGTON POWER?


Many independent voters in this election have had a particular lingering fear about Obama, and we're not talking about him being black, Muslim, communist, socialist, gay, elitist, Palestinian, the Anti-Christ, French, well educated, a child molester, Hitler, Stalin, sexist, "uppity" or a magical space demon. It is about him being Hawaiian, which is NOT A STATE unless you think *pineapples* deserve their own state. Cokie Roberts tried to discuss this over the summer but got mocked by a bunch of mean liberals. But now it's not very funny, is it, douchebags, since Barry Obama will usher in a wave of pineapples to Rule Washington in his flowery new homosexual government.

First, the Democrats are taking away a leadership position from the best senator in the history of... just IN HISTORY, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Now some of you people have concerns over Joe Lieberman, principally that he is a virgin (he's 66 years old; you'd think he'd have had sex by now, right?) and that his body is composed entirely of toxic rat shit. But at least it's not composed of *pineapples,* which is what Barry Obama's government proposes as a replacement:

Democratic leaders are discussing a major reshuffling of Senate committee chairmanships, according to multiple sources, and the proposed changes include ousting Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) from his coveted chairmanship.

Lieberman, a former Democrat who supports Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president, is likely to lose his gavel on the Homeland Security Committee he has chaired since January 2007, say the sources who see him being replaced by Sen. Daniel Akaka (Hawaii), the committee’s third-ranking Democrat.

More troubling is the other "proposed change" on the all-powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which CONTROLS ALL MONEY. Well, we suggest everyone invest in Dole *Pineapple* Farm stock now, because that is where literally every communist dollar will go after Obama and the Hawaiians' poisoning of old racist Robert Byrd finally does the trick.

The shift also hinges on Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) stepping down as chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, which aides say is included in the proposed changes. Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) would replace him. Byrd, who turns 91 in November, has been hospitalized three times this year and some have questioned if he is capable of leading the committee.

God forbid the New York Times or Washington Post ever point out these evil *pineapple* plots; they might hurt the chances of "The One."

Sen. Lieberman likely to lose his gavel in massive reshuffle being discussed [The Hill]


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