Selections From the Frist Birthday Card

Have you signed Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Bithday Card yet? How about a brief glimpse at who has:

Here's one that demonstrates either poor word choice or a remarkably dry sense of humor:

"You have done a commendable job as Majority (and Republican) Leader keeping our Senate GOP 'cats' together on most issues and implementing our President's agenda."

And one that slipped by the moderators:

"You should resign. That would be a birthday present for America. Besides killing cats and hiring Mitch Bainwol, what have you done for America?"

Perhaps they kept that one unedited because of its implicit acknowledgment that killing cats is good for America. Also, we're still not quite clear on what the head of the RIAA has to do with feline-vivisection.

Another demonstrating that perhaps we should all pitch in and get the Senator a better web staff for his big day:

By the way, given your expertise at making medical diagnoses via videotape, did VP Cheney request a web cam hook up so that you could have a look at Mr. Wittington's shotgun wounds last Saturday?

Happy Birthday. Now blow out all the candles; call your broker; dump some more HCA stock in that blind trust of yours; and continue to whine about the big bad liberal press.

And after the jump, though it's now sadly removed from Frist's site, more proof that Republicans can be remarkably like-minded.


Happy Birthday! To Bill Frist, M.D. [VOLPAC]


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