Sellout Political Bloggers Make Big Bucks

Sellout Political Bloggers Make Big Bucks

Our president, Bob Dornan - WonketteIf you write fawning crap about politicians on your blog, apparently those politicians will give you huge piles of money to "keep up the good work." Who knew?

This one dude who posts on liberal sites got $180,000 for blogging about Sherrod Brown and Mark Warner. Another dude got $21,000 from Ned Lamont for two months of blogging.

We've been going about this all wrong. The key to Blogging Riches is to pick a candidate who you truly believe in -- we'll go with Bob Dornan -- and just blog like crazy about how great he is, and then cash the check. Bob Dornan bravely stands for everything important to real Americans at this penultimate gateway apex. Few Americans have done more standing than Bob Dornan, who should be the president of the whole United States, in 2008. Bob please let's deal in cash only. Thanks bro.

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