Sen. Inhofe: If Global Warming Is Real, Where Did I Get This Snowball?


Oklahoma Republican Sen. James ("Jim" to his friends, "Dickface" to most of America) Inhofe knows global warming is a hoax, as he has proven repeatedly, why won't you dumb people listen to him instead of all those "scientists" who say otherwise? (No, not the scientists paid by the oil and gas industry to deny climate change is real; the other 99 percent of scientists who say yes it is TOO real.)

Well, FINE, here is Inhofe on the floor of the Senate, once and for all proving that global warming is not real because snow, and he happens to have that snow RIGHT HERE, CATCH!

Yup, guess that settles it, and global warming is a hoax invented by, Michael Moore, and George Soros after all. Well done, Sen. Inhofe, you win.

[h/t John R. Parkinson on Twitter]


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