Senate Candidate 'RealChristine' O'Donnell Is Palin of Delaware

Senate Candidate 'RealChristine' O'Donnell Is Palin of Delaware

In Delaware, the Teabagger's Choice® for U.S. Senate is Christine O'Donnell -- a political commentator-tot and "marketing consultant" who is running against longtimeCongressRINO Mike Castle in the September 14 Republican primary. The Tea Party Express says they plan on spending 250,000 Teabag Bucks on O'Donnell's campaign, which comes out to one dollar for every personal issue she seems to have. Hurling the gay "insult" at Castle isn't one of those issues, though! Neither is masturbation. Understanding what the word "tie" means, however ... well.

O'Donnell appeared on the program of some conservative Delaware talk-show host who supported her in 2006, but now has buyer's remorse -- and boy, was she something else. For one thing, the gal just won't STFU -- just steamrolls right over you. For another, she seems to believe that people win elections according to the percentage of votes they win, not the actual number of votes. Try to follow along as this modern-day Abbott & Costello discuss the candidate's failed 2008 bid to unseat then-Senator Joe Biden (who now plays Costello to Barack Obama's Abbott in the mini-series "Presidential Follies"):

HOST: Christine! [Says her name about 15 more times, trying to get her to stop talking] ... You did not TIE Joe Biden in Sussex County.

O'DONNELL: Look at the results!

HOST: I did.

O'DONNELL: Look at the result.

HOST: He beat you. It was close—

O'DONNELL: And what did they say? 49-49? I call that a tie! Hahahahah ...

HOST: No, Christine. He, he won in votes. You know that.

O'DONNELL: No no! What, what, what did, what did, what does the election result say that I got?

HOST: They say that you got less votes than he did.

Then she insists it was a tie, again—adding that in 2008 Joe Biden had lots of money, and she was tired, and you know, when you're tired you say things.

When the radio guy asked O'Donnell about her financial problems, including her still-unpaid campaign debt from two years ago, she suggested that Mike Castle was giving him money to ask such questions. She'll still pray for him, though, so that his soul doesn't end up in Masturbator Hell, along with -- ahem -- Mike Castle's.

Speaking of Mike Castle's sex life, O'Donnell was asked what she thought of this video, posted on the cheesy conservadouche website, that claims he cheated on Mrs. Castle with a "Mr. Man":

[youtube expand=1]

O'Donnell's former campaign spokesman, a lad named Yates Walker, now works at and has defended the video despite having no evidence at all that Castle has ever gone sweet on señores. Apparently, Walker and his Liberty friends made the video on their own, not for O'Donnell's campaign -- which is sad, if they've got nothing else going on besides making shitty, dumb Mike Castle videos. At any rate, O'Donnell doesn't endorse the video, because she'd never say Castle is gay -- it's an "insult."

As for Castle, his campaign has launched, which is all about O'Donnell's debt, tax, and other issues -- and which also inspires a new nickname. Yes, welcome to Wonkette, RealChristine. [WGMD/YouTube]


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