Senate Candidates Who Received Fewer Votes Than Alvin Greene Yesterday


Presented without commentary, here are some of the Senate candidates who received fewer votes than Alvin Greene did yesterday, according to the most current AP numbers:

Senator Harry Reid: 361,655

Senator-elect Mike Lee: 360,050

Alvin Greene: 358,069

Sharron Angle: 320,996

Senator Mike Crapo: 318,468

Senator-elect Joe Manchin: 281,661

Senator Blanche Lincoln: 280,167

Senator John Thune: 227,903

Senator Daniel Inouye: 276,867

Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte: 265,967

Senator-elect John Hoeven: 181,409

Senator-elect Chris Coons: 173,900

Senator Patrick Leahy: 145,486

Senator Lisa Murkowski (Total Write-In): 81,876

Joe Miller: 68,288

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Gonna be a long day, y'all, you ready to dive in? We should note at the outset that any of the questions about obstruction of justice are colored by the fact that Trump refused to sit for an interview with Robert Mueller. Guess that's part of why Robert Mueller refused to clear him! But anyway, we will have more time for thoughts as we read.

Let's read the Mueller Report!

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April 20 will be the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. Mother Jones yesterday published a report on mass shooters (or would-be shooters) who in one way or another mentioned the Columbine murders as something they wanted to emulate, or as a benchmark they hoped to outdo. Since 1999, there have been more than 100 plots or actual attacks influenced by Columbine. MoJo national affairs editor Mark Follman notes,

And those are just the cases for which there is some kind of public record: In talking with law enforcement and mental health sources who work to prevent such attacks, I've learned of dozens more Columbine-influenced threats that never made the news.
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