Senate Debating 'For The People' Act All Day Long, And It's Gonna Be A Sh*tshow

Senate Debating 'For The People' Act All Day Long, And It's Gonna Be A Sh*tshow

It's Amy Klobuchar's show today.

Today is one of the biggest and most important debates of all the debates you'll ever see, and it's happening in the Senate Rules Committee, which is starting the mark-up this morning for S.1, AKA the "For The People Act." You know, that big bill that's one of the only things standing between American democracy and the white Republican party that wishes to seize it forevermore, even though a majority of the American people hardly ever actually votes to give Republicans power.

Punchbowl News reported this morning that Republicans are going to offer MORE THAN 100 AMENDMENTS, so this here is going to be a shitshow. This might be going the rest of the week, to be honest.

Here's some block quote from the AP:

GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell so determined to stop Democrats that he will personally argue against the measure, a rare role for a party leader that shows the extent to which Republicans are prepared to fight as a hearing for the bill begins Tuesday.

That's on top of scores of amendments Republicans will propose to highlight aspects of the bill they believe are unpopular, including public financing for congressional campaigns and an overhaul of the federal agency that polices elections.

What's typically an hourslong legislative slog could drag into a dayslong showdown in the Senate Rules Committee, as Democrats look to advance one of their key priorities to a vote in the full Senate.

Expect many videos on Twitter today of Republican senators being absolute asses.

Meanwhile, Democrats are reportedly in GIT 'ER DONE mode, and have introduced their own amended version of the bill passed by the House, in hopes of addressing any legitimate concerns people have about it, and in hopes of actually getting the damn thing out of committee and on the long hard road to President Biden's desk. A bit about that:

The bill, the For The People Act, goes before the Democratic-controlled Rules Committee when Congress returns from recess. Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and the lead sponsor, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., plan a "manager's amendment" with a series of changes to the bill from the House-passed version.

The Democrats' revisions would mostly extend deadlines, ease some rules and add flexibility for states to implement parts of the bill. Democrats don't expect Republican support for the final version, but they won't need it to send the bill out of committee to the full Senate.

Like we said it's going to be a shitshow.

Watch it all day, right here at Wonkette!


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