Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Please Pretend to Pay Attention to Us

doddcmte.jpgWe turned on the CNN to watch the Democrats shut down Bush the day after his little speech, but it's Duke Rape Case Day Again -- midday anchor dude just said, "story of the day" in a sort of resigned way.

Anyway, the Senate is drafting another one of those "resolutions" in which they'll "disapprove" of all last night's Iraq troop increase talk. The Foreign Relations committee is discussing it right now, it's terribly exciting, in a non-binding sort of way.

Chris Dodd and his evil eyebrows have just proposed an amendment in which he'll request -- nay, demand! -- that the President not ignore the Senate, which he has promised to do. "This is the Foreign Relations committee of the United States Senate, it is not the Baker-Hamilton group." Dude behind him is checking his Blackberry.

"They'll have to either sign or veto this." This is really, really sad. "If we're going to do something here today, my suggestion is that we do something." Their joint resolution will force the President to... respond to them. Checks and motherfucking balances!


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