Senate Going To Try To Vote On DADT Today, Or Maybe March 27, 2019

Senate Going To Try To Vote On DADT Today, Or Maybe March 27, 2019

Harry Reid is going tofinally try to get a cloture vote passed to be able to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell today some day soon, at long last, but there's a very good chance it will fail, because our modern democracy is so advanced that it doesn't work and can't rule on matters of basic equality. Gay-loving Republicans Scott Brown, Susan Collins, and John Ensign are said to want to vote for repeal. But Collins said she won't vote for cloture because she thinks the Senate should have a lot of time to stick a bunch of amendments into this thing like they always do. Reid doesn't want to agree to this because he doesn't want Jim DeMint or whoever to say a bunch of mean things about gays on the Senate floor. Harry Reid must hate funny YouTube videos of Jim DeMint that would embarrass his descendants for millennia.

Anyway, Joe Lieberman says Collins has been negotiating in "good faith." So hopefully she soon will realize that she has the lives and livelihoods of lots of soldiers in her hands, and that not everything is about parliamentary process and How Things Are Done.

Anyway, we are currently asleep, because this is boring. Can someone go grind up on Jim DeMint and get this thing rolling along? Those gays have some people pretending to be Taliban officials to translate. C'mon, we've already sent gay-beloved comedian Kathy Griffin to entertain the troops. FINISH THE JOB. Or we will still be talking about this in 10 years or so, as this dumb cloture vote will probably fail. [WP/WP]


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