Senate Race of the Day: Minnesota

The first in what may or may not become an occasional series.

Remember the epic tale of Joe Lieberman's website? It's playing out again in miniature out in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota, where Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy are fighting to replace Senator Mark Dayton (we know you probably don't recognize any of those names, but bear with us).

Earlier this week, a Minneapolis-based liberal blogger of no particular import found a top-secret embargoed unreleased Mark Kennedy ad on the "protected" website of Kennedy's media consultant. He found it through 1337 hacking skillz (read: typing in the word "allen," waiting for shitty website to redirect him to TOP SECRET CLIENT INFO). Then he watched the ad and forwarded the (publicly accessible) URL to Klobuchar's communications director, who sent it to a couple others. Then word got out and the CD was asked to resign. She happily complied, despite no one really being clear on what she did wrong.

In reponse, Mark Kennedy has now taken his entire campaign site (which no one has ever visited until now, we're pretty sure, and certainly not in connection with the above scandalette) offline, citing security breaches (someone illegally distributing pictures of the candidate doing unspeakable things to Pronto Pups at the State Fair, no doubt). The entire campaign site minus the "contribution page," that is, which they are "absolutely confident remains secure." Lieberman never thought of that one -- good show Mark.

Finally, in the single most Minnesotan part of the whole fracas, Amy Klobuchar has decided to report herself to the FBI for investigation. That's not a joke. With these two the best the Minnesota parties have to offer, how could anyone laugh at the groundswell of support for professional wrestlers and vampires?

Meanwhile, other Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman attacked his presumptive '08 opponent Al Franken (this is why we got the hell out, guys) with his usual finely-tuned sense of irony: "Hollywood values aren't Midwest," Coleman said, "and the money isn't Midwest."

This would be the Norm Coleman currently enjoying a sham marriage with a would-be actress who lives in, yes, Hollywood. There's a picture of her in her underwear here.

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