Senate's Dumbest Republican Reads 'Antifa Did Capitol Riot' Into Congressional Record

Ron Johnson, the Senate's Dumbest Republican (we're not ready to relinquish that title to Tuberville yet, sorry), has been showing his ass today. (Evergreen statement, we know!)

Last week he whined that he really didn't like thinking of the January 6 Capitol terrorist attack as an "armed" insurrection, because did they even have one million guns? (There were some guns.) A few weeks back, he was just "suspicious" about what Nancy Pelosi knew about the Capitol attack and when she knew it.

In a hearing on the Capitol attack today in the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which Johnson used to chair before those nice Georgia men Warnocked the GOP's Ossoff, Johnson decided to read a batshit Federalist article aloud, to suggest the insurgent terrorist siege, which we know with 100 percent accuracy was committed by Trump supporters who had bought into Donald Trump's Big Lie about a stolen election, was actually committed by "provocateurs" and "fake Trump protesters."

We'd provide a transcript, if we couldn't just read from the transparently bullshit article Johnson was reading aloud like it was actual news. Published January 14, it purports to be a firsthand account of what REALLY happened, from a dude (name unimportant and unrecognizable) who says he saw "fake Trump protesters" who helped cause the attack, and he knew they were fake because they "did not fit in with the rest of the crowd in terms of their actions and demeanor," therefore the author just assumed they were "antifa or other leftist agitators." (As we all know, "antifa" as an organized force is imaginary, like Santa Claus and organized religion.) Johnson read from this article into the record like it's fact, because he's stupid, and also a prolific spreader of disinformation.

The author says there were three other groups also making the attack happen, including "plainclothes militants," "agents-provocateurs," and a "disciplined, uniformed column of attackers." He says they were all distinctly different from the rest of the peace-loving Trump supporters present, who were "energized and festive, not angry and incited." And if they weren't angry and incited, then Donald Trump must be innocent of all crimes!

This is how the author knows they weren't "angry or incited":

Of the thousands of people I passed or who passed me along Constitution Avenue, some were indignant and contemptuous of Congress, but not one appeared angry or incited to riot. Many of the marchers were families with small children; many were elderly, overweight, or just plain tired or frail—traits not typically attributed to the riot-prone.

Some said they were police officers from around the country. Many wore pro-police shirts or carried pro-police "Back the Blue" flags.

They were overweight and tired! They had kids! They were mad but not THAT mad! They loved the cops, until the cops treated them like common terrorists just because they were doing common terrorism!

The author says the crowd was incredibly diverse, despite the media's lies. There was a "large group" of "Blacks for Trump," he says, and "many demonstrators were black, Asian, and Latino, with a strong presence of Vietnamese- and Chinese-Americans." Why didn't you see this Bennetton ad in any of the footage of the Capitol attack, or in the FBI indictments that have come down? Well because obviously everybody was focusing on the only TWO Confederate flags the author saw and the only ONE white supremacist sign he saw, which "some suspected aloud was a leftist plant." Uh huh.

The article argues that things went haywire when the cops started shooting tear gas at "their own supporters," whining that "All of a sudden, pro-police people felt the police were attacking them, and they didn't know why. Instead of running away, the people stood their ground." (You know, because white supremacists, sorry, we mean very diverse crowds of give-peace-a-chance Trump supporters, get real perturbed when the cops treat them like the riff raff just because they are storming the Capitol!)

He also says hardly anybody littered. You can read the whole thing, if you like horseshit you'd have to be as dumb as a common Wisconsin GOP senator to believe.

So that is today's performance from Ron Johnson.

As we all know, this is far from the first time Johnson has read disinformation into the congressional record. It just doesn't appear to have been fed to himby agents of the Kremlin this time, but by the propaganda outlet run by Meghan "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" McCain's husband.

Because if it's obvious bullshit that furthers bigoted rightwing causes and authoritarian fascist white supremacist presidents, Ron Johnson will never be afraid to say it out loud.

[The Federalist]

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