Senator Clinton's Iron Grip On Texas Loosens

All the clapping and pointing in the world can't save you nowHillary is about to lose the state of Texas and also the nomination for President, because nobody likes a failure. If Barack Obama gains four thousandths of one percent of the primary vote in Texas' Senate District 19, where 14 precincts have yet to report, Hillary Clinton's overall primary delegate count will slip to 64 versus Obama's 62. In other words, she will lose by not winning enough.

The question of caucus-awarded delegates remains. The founders of the great Republic of Texas designed the peculiar "primacaucus" voting process to be as difficult and complicated as possible, theorizing that only the very strongest candidates would emerge intact from this mind-boggling clusterfuck. For modern Texans, this means that their candidate of choice (OBAMA, NATCH) will emerge the caucus victor after six weeks of vote-tallying, recounting, and lawsuits, just in time for him to lose Pennsylvania and the nomination.

Once both Clinton and Obama have lost the Democratic nomination for president, the election will be declared over and John McCain will be installed as our permanent dictator -- just as the Framers of the Constitution intended.

Clinton's delegate lead is 4 - and could fall - in Texas [Austin American-Statesman]


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