Senator Norm Coleman Didn't Pay Utility Bills At Tragic Hovel


It is common knowledge around D.C. that Hobo King Norm Coleman sleeps in a drawer and gives hand jobs for lunch money. But NOW it turns out that he also failed for awhole year to pay the utilities on the 6-cubic-foot basement dungeon he rents from some pal of his. He is truly the most corrupt legislator invented since, who is it, that guy with the astonishing head-merkin.

Here is the deal with your dirty senator Coleman: He rents a wee room from some lobbyist friend, and once he skipped rent for a few months, and apparently didn't pay a single cent to keep the lights on in his depressing little box for a year, and also he paid his friend in used furniture once.

Norm Coleman is an emotionally deranged homeless man who should never leave his box without strict instructions pinned to his jacket lapel.

Coleman defends D.C. lease [Star Tribune]


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