Senator Of The Year Kyrsten Sinema Gives Rare Interview ... Wait, Where Are You Going?

Kyrsten Sinema speaks!

It's possible she's still giving her constituents the silent treatment, but the senior senator from Arizona did sit down with Phoenix's ABC15 for an exclusive victory lap after Nancy Pelosi did her a solid and helped pass the bipartisan infrastructure framework (BIF).

I'm accused of not always treating Sinema fairly because she sucks so much, but I do applaud her bravery for facing a barrage of hard-hitting questions that rank up there with “Mr. Burns, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?"

ABC15: How does it feel to have your name on historic legislation?

A good answer would have been "Honestly, it feels bad because I'm kind of a fraud and ...." But that's not remotely what she said.

Here's what she actually said.

SINEMA: I couldn't be more proud for this historic achievement. The work that we've done achieves really two large goals. The first goal of course is to make historic investment in infrastructure that's been crumbling for decades and to ensure that we're growing jobs right here in Arizona and across the country. And the second, I would say equally important, achievement is to demonstrate that we can get things done and work across the aisle.

Yes, public canoodling with Republicans is just as important as building roads and bridges. If Sinema weren't such a hack, she'd mention every chance she gets that her Republicans friends have collectively blocked the critical voting rights legislation she claims to support. The 19 Republican senators who supported BIF wouldn't help break the GOP filibusters against the For the People Act, the John Lewis Act, or any bill that might stop Republicans from cheating.

Literal fascists might regain power next year because dupes like Sinema have made it their life work's to normalize and redeem them, even if only the smallest minority can still convincingly present themselves as “West Wing" Republicans. The overwhelming majority of the party is a bunch of drooling bigots and shameless opportunists.

Sinema insists that when "good people put aside their differences, we can work together and solve problems." Republicans almost sent the nation into default to screw with Democrats, and if she listened to GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy's batshit speech from last week, she should know there are few good people in that hell caucus who are interested in solving anyone's actual problems.

When asked about her negotiation “process," Sinema said she promised Arizonians she'd be a “workhorse, not a show horse." That's why she shut out her congressional colleagues and dodged her constituents like she owed them money.


She explained how she “cut through the noise" or, more accurately, ignored her constituents and the very people who got her elected. We guess the multiple fundraisers she did weren't very noisy, because donors are very quiet when signing checks.

Sinema also said she doesn't bend to any political party or group. Yeah, she's a real maverick who accepts big bucks from GOP donors and now spontaneously opposes raising taxes for the rich.

SINEMA: In the three years I've served in the United States Senate, I've been known for just putting my head down and doing the work.

Kyrsten Sinema Thumbs Down GIF by Jason ClarkeGiphy

Speaking to her constituents every once in a while is actually part of Sinema's job, but she went on like this for a while, as if it were a job interview where she admitted that “always giving 110 percent" was her biggest flaw.

Sinema claims the best way to build trust with people is to work one-on-one. This is obviously bullshit. She's the employee who freezes out people on her team and sends emails directly to the CEO, going over her own boss's head. No one likes or trust that person. Sinema claims her self-aggrandizing approach worked, but the bill would've collapsed if President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi hadn't put their own credibility on the line with House Democrats.

ABC15: The Washington Post [said] you are viewed as a sort of an enigma in Washington ...

SINEMA: Like most Arizonians, I don't pay any attention to what they're talking about in the national media. I just stay focused on what matters, which is listening to folks at home in Arizona, working hard and delivering results. I don't even know what enigma means, really.

Like the only Arizonian who reads the Washington Post or the New York Times is some guy from Scottsdale named Gus. Of course, unlike her supposed hero John McCain, Sinema never holds town hall meetings and rarely returns calls from her concerned constituents.

She also had the audacity to claim she doesn't know what “enigma" means. It's like when Ivanka Trump played dumb (true method acting) about the word “complicit." An "enigma" is a person or thing that's "mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand," which in fairness isn't the best description for Sinema. She's remarkably transparent.

[ABC 15]

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