Send the National Guard to Watch the Borders and Kick Some Mountie Ass

canadianclub.jpgFollowing on the heels of last week's Canadian Terror Panic, we learn that our useless do-nothing government has no plans to seal the border.

Mr. Brennan said that while improved border technology and a planned requirement that Canadian visitors carry passports might help, there was no chance of stopping all potential terrorists from crossing a 4,000-mile border that includes huge swaths of forest and the Great Lakes.

Oh! Passports! That'll work!

We urge you to write your representative and demand that they do something about border security before it's too late. We think we'll organize a "Send a length of galvanized steel wire to Congress with which we suggest they build a chain-link fence" protest. It's not about hating Canadians (those smug, pasty, ice-fishing motherfuckers) -- it's about our safety.

Canadian Broder Proves Difficult to Secure [NYT]


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