john%20miller%20fbi%20abc%20news.jpgDespite denials from the Department of Justice, ABC News is standing by its story that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is "in the mix" of the FBI investigation into congressional corruption. ABC quotes anonymous "law enforcement sources," including a "senior official" who told ABC, "You guys wrote the story very carefully, but they are not reading it very carefully."

Who is ABC's source? This person is in law enforcement, but apparently not at the DoJ proper (in which case he would probably be referred to as a "Justice Department official").

After the jump, some ruminations from us.

Here are some interesting observations: (1) John Miller, the FBI's assistant director of public affairs, is a former correspondent and anchor for ABC News; (2) Miller has not given any on-the-record comments about Hastert and the FBI investigation; and (3) the FBI can't be pleased by how Hastert has joined with the Democrats in criticism of its investigation.

We're not sayin', we're just sayin'...

(Okay, guess this wasn't much of a guessing game...)

Corruption Investigation: Hastert "In the Mix" [ABC News]

John Miller - Assistant Director of Public Affairs [FBI]


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