Senior Administration Official Guessing Game: The Alito Nomination Players

Over at Gawker, our celeb-obsessed, Gotham-based sibling, they do blind item guessing games. Here at Wonkette, we offer more sophisticated, highbrow fun. Welcome to Senior Administration Official Guessing Game!

Here's how it works: We offer up some quotes from unidentified officials. You send us your guesses as to the identities of those officials, along with supporting reasoning (if any), by email. We'll share the results with you later in the day.

With a vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel Alito scheduled to take place later this morning, today's items will focus on players in the Alito nomination drama. They come from this delightfully gossipy article, Two Nominee Strategies -- One Worked, by David D. Kirkpatrick of the New York Times (best known for his sinister-sounding expos


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