Senior Administration Official Guessing Game: Together, The Democrats Can't Do Better

Here's a quick guessing game item, based on this article from the Post about the Democratic Party's disarray (sound familiar?):

Governors privately scoff at the slogan ["Together, America Can Do Better"]. They also say the message coming from congressional leaders has been too relentlessly negative. "They want to coordinate. They want to collaborate. That's all good," said one Democratic governor who declined to be identified in order to talk candidly about a closed-door meeting. "The question is: Coordinate or collaborate on what? People need to know not just what we're against but what we're for. That's the kind of message the governors are interested in developing at the national level."

It's interesting that this governor wanted to comment on background, considering that the Democrats are usually all too happy to attack each other on the record. Anyway, if you have some thoughts on who this governor might be, please email us (subject line: "Guessing Game").

(Yes, we know, the official in question isn't an Administration official -- that's just the title we've given to this Wonkette recurring feature.)

Democrats Struggle To Seize Opportunity [WP]


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