Seniors Don't Cook Their Own Meals Anymore, They Do This Instead! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 30, 2023

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I ain't clicking that shit but OF COURSE public "equally concerned about Biden and Trump's classified documents," OF COURSE IT IS. Or at least that's what Chuck Todd says so could be entirely full of shit, nobodycould ever possibly know because nobody clicking that shit! (NBC News)

This Charles McGonigal thing is still really flying under the radar huh? I guess reporters were really cowed by Bill Barr and Donald Trump explaining (no explaining about it) that TRUMP RUSSIA HOAX. (No verbs.) Or maybe all the reporters are just bored with "Trump Russia" now.

In 2016, Trump's campaign manager (Manafort) was a former employee of a Russian oligarch (Deripaska), and owed money to that same Russian oligarch. And the FBI special agent (McGonigal) who was charged with investigating the Trump campaign's Russian connections then went to work (according to the indictment) for that very same Russian oligarch (Deripaska). This is obviously very bad for Trump personally. But it is also very bad for FBI New York, for the FBI generally, and for the United States of America.

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Here is Tyre Nichols's photography.

These other cops' — in Hialeah, FLA — lawyers are very sad and very shocked that they have been arrested just for beating up a homeless man for nothing and leaving him bleeding and unconscious in the woods. What a travesty of justice, they say, when there are actual criminals doing actual crimes. (NBC Miami)

George Santos's donors fictional too? Well I never. (Mother Jones)

The American Prospect goes deep and informative on WHAR IRS? HOW IRS? WHY IRS? Plus all the other questions you didn't know you didn't know!

Heather Cox Richardson gives you some Founding Fathers history on the Dads' Caucus, which I hadn't heard of and that's my job.

Guys remind me what sci fi book looks at what happens when the Earth's core flips and starts rotating backward? Or am I thinking of the Earth's magnetic field? (CNN)

Time for your annual PSA from Pro Publica on how not to get cheated by Turbo Tax when by law they're supposed to let you file certain taxes for free.

Donna Rose has asthma. Anything we can do to keep her from being poisoned every day by our stupid gas stove? UGH. (Pro Publica)

Well I guess it is time to buy an induction cooktop (again, we loved ours in Montana) sooner than later. Thanks, Inflation Reduction Act! (Consumer Reports)

You need to read this Jalopnik on the abandoned Packard factory in Detroit they're finally demolishing, just fascinating.

Meanwhile, from a decade ago:

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