Sensenbrenner Ain't Even Trying to Hear Democrats

sense.jpgHere is what we know about Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: He's the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he's wary of free speech, and he could totally give Judge Judy a run for her money. Seriously, at this morning's Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Patriot Act, he was treating colleagues and witnesses like they were small-claims doofuses arguing over some $50 deal gone awry -- no one could get a word in edgewise. Alas, what makes for good TV doesn't always make for good democracy. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Sensenbrenner violated the Rules of the House when he ended the meeting abruptly and unilaterally. Sensenbrenner seemed unconcerned with any breach he may have committed, however, and left the room with a swagger in his step and a triumphant bounce in his magnificent chin.

Rep. Sensenbrenner Gets Angry, Abruptly Ends Hearing []

Democracy thwarted at Judiciary Committee Hearing [Debbie Wasserman Schultz]


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