Sestak And Specter Already Going At It


Catfight, Pennsylvania-style! Several months ago, Arlen Specter made the very principled and selfless decision to switch parties so as to avoid an ugly primary battle with a "real Republican," which is to say, a vicious and crazed wingnut who would win the GOP nomination and then lose the election to any Democratic candidate short of a goat. It was the perfect plan: Specter could stay in the Senate, as Democrat, as long as nobody ran against him inthat party's primary.

But a fellow named Democratic Representative Joe Sestak decided to gum up the works and has just been a bitch to Specter, all the time. Here is a recent exchange from their ungentlemanly feud:

"Congressman Sestak is a flagrant hypocrite in challenging my being a real Democrat when he did not register as a Democrat until 2006 just in time to run for Congress," Specter said in the statement. "His lame excuse for avoiding party affiliation, because he was in the service, is undercut by his documented disinterest in the political process."

To which Sestak responded:

"We've learned today that Arlen Specter can abandon his party, but he just cant [sic] quit making Republican swift-boat attacks on the integrity of Democrats who served in our military," Sestak also said in the statement. He added, "My question to Arlen Specter is this: do you regret voting for George Bush and John McCain? Why should Democrats support someone like you who actively campaigned as recently as last year for politicians with values like George W. Bush?"

Ugh. This is going to be Lamont/Lieberman all over again, with poor Joe Sestak stuck riding the bus with the rabble in a few years.

Specter: Sestak a 'flagrant hypocrite' [Political Ticker]


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