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Centrist bro Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton is in a MOOD, you guys. And we get it, honestly. Everybody made fun of him and all his white guy friends in the House beating their chests against the she-demon Pelosi, and then his constituents yelled at him because apparently actually they like (???) Nancy Pelosi and want her to be speaker of the House and they don't just listen to whatever Fox News and GOP attack ads say about her, like Moulton does. And then his tiny coalition of anti-Pelosi wunderkinds fell apart and everybody pointed and laughed.

He hasn't had a good few weeks. And everybody is saying he totally deserves to be primaried in 2020, for the crime of sucking a lot.

And then? AND THEN. And then new whippersnapper liberal lady girl person human socialist did we say whippersnapper already Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said a very mean thing in a very mean tweet:

RUDE. True, and also RUDE! Except there is one li'l tiny thing that was slightly incorrect in Ocasio-Cortez's tweet, and Seth Moulton was ready to mansplain what it was, and that not only was it a li'l tiny wrong thing, it was a li'l tiny SEXIST WRONG THING, WHY IS ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ THE REAL SEXIST?

In an interview with Boston Public Radio Friday, Moulton, who identifies himself as a progressive Democrat, called Cortez's tweet "offensive," and not just to him, but to legislators like California Democrat and Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus Linda Sanchez, who called for a change in House leadership last fall.

"It's offensive because [Sanchez] is in the progressive caucus, she is not to the right of Nancy Pelosi, and it's also offensive because she's a woman," Moulton said.

Oh lordy, Seth Moulton has a friend who is a progressive lady. And she is! As Think Progress notes, Linda Sanchez has actually voted with Trump even less with Pelosi, which is not very fucking much. And Sanchez did call for new leadership in the Democratic caucus! She even signed Moulton's letter about PELOSI R BAD, along with Moulton and ... mostly a bunch of white guys.

Of course, Think Progress also notes, rudely and truly, that Seth Moulton votes with Trump a fuckton more than Pelosi does, as does everybody else on Moulton's list of mostly a bunch of white guys. Sanchez is the (only) exception.

So ... Ocasio-Cortez is pretty much correct as usual, King Friday, so far.

We are curious, though, where in AOC's tweet she said something "offensive" or sexist. Maybe Seth Moulton dreamed it up. Maybe he's just really upset that people didn't see him as a hero of women's rights when he tried to draft Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge to run against Nancy Pelosi on his platform, which may or may not be called, "We Don't Hate ALL Ladies, Just Nancy Pelosi And A Bunch Of Other Ladies Whose Names We Will Announce The Second They Do Something That Annoys Us." Fudge ultimately decided to back Pelosi. (And no, we don't know if that's how Seth Moulton really feels, in his heart. We do know how it comes across, SETH.)

Oh well, anyway, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, WHAT A SEXIST.

She also sexistly tweeted this funny thing at Mike Huckabee, whose tweets would really sound better if he read them aloud while dressed as a hobo clown and honked a funny horn after the punchlines:


Anyway, that's AOC telling Mike Huckabee to stuff his lies up his gross fat ass because his asshole daughter is better at being a fucking liar than he is. (She even noticed her typo and followed up with a tweet making fun of herself for it, and also SAYING TWITTER NEEDS A FUCKING EDIT BUTTON, @JACK.)

We feel like AOC is having way too much fun kicking ass right now, and she hasn't even been sworn in yet.

In case you're wondering why the right is attacking her so much ...

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Evan Hurst

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